ReCore, Zoo Tycoon, Disneyland Adventures Now Available On Steam For $19.99

Microsoft and THQ Nordic recently announced that ReCore, Zoo Tycoon, Disneland Adventures, Super Lucky’s Tale and Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure are currently available for physical purchase from participating retailers for $19.99, while also marking their debut on the Steam store for the first time.

Each of the five games have different developers, but they were all published by Microsoft for the Windows 10 store. Apparently the sales weren’t that hot on Microsoft’s storefront so they decided their luck with releasing the games on Steam to make a few extra coins.

Super Lucky’s Tale originally launched as an Xbox One X title and for Windows 10, promising native 4K gaming. It didn’t quite land the 4K at 60fps target render that it promised, but it did attempt to give gamers a solid 3D platforming experience. Its generic design and forgettable story didn’t help with keeping the dust off this title’s shelf life.

Disneyland Adventures is a typical family-friendly title. It was designed by Frontier Developments and Asobo Studio. It currently has just a handful of user reviews over on the Steam store, but it’s the typical kind of Disney-family game you would expect it to be.

There’s also another Disney game… Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure. This is another family-friendly adventure that spans six different Disney-Pixar films, including Toy Story, Cars, Finding Dory, Ratatatouille, The Incredibles and Up.

I don’t know who would be so bold to want to play the game in 4K UHD with HDR enabled, but if it strikes your fancy the game is available to play.

There’s also Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection, which is getting absolutely hammered on the Steam store with plenty of negative user reviews, and lots of negative criticisms pelted at Asobo and Frontier for the poor port job.

A lot of the complaints stem from the fact that the game feels “empty”, and that there isn’t much to do.

Last on the list is ReCore: Definitive Edition. This is one of those female-led 3D adventure games to try to lure in the female gamers, but it failed pretty hard. It’s a generically serviceable third-person action adventure game, with the definitive edition coming packed with 10 additional dungeons and two brand new overworld areas. There’s also new gear pieces to collect, and all new achievements to earn. On the technical side, the game has been further optimized for PC and the loading times have been decreased.

If Comcept hadn’t botched Might No. 9 so badly, this could have earned them some small modicum of respect from the community, but helping Armature Studios produce a mediocre 3D platformer certainly won’t be enough to sway over critics.

You can learn more about ReCore: Definitive Edition by heading on over to the .


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