Samsung’s Foldable Galaxy X Smartphone Could Be Closer To A Launch Date
Galaxy X Smartphone

Reports regarding the folding hand phones have been circulating more frequently in recent times than ever before. There has been nothing factual produced in the form of announcing or releasing one, well not until earlier this year. It seems Samsung will be the first to actually produce its foldable smartphone this year.

According to Techradar a recent update regarding information on Samsung’s foldable smartphone known as project “Galaxy X” is real and on its way to being launched later this year. The CEO of Samsung’s mobile division DJ Koh stated that the Galaxy X will launch later in 2018, but probably won’t be on sale until 2019. The rest of the information in this article is all about rumors and talks speculating what the upcoming Samsung X might look like and what it could sport.

The rumors and talks are spinning high on this one, many concept pictures and videos have been released showing a smooth elegant futuristic smartphone, with a striking price tag to go with it. Rumors are speculating the cost will start around $1,500. Techradar also stated in its report that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X could be priced at around $1,850.

Some of the rumors state that the Galaxy X will not only be a 5-inch foldable smartphone, but when it’s unfolded it turns into a 7-inch workable tablet. Other rumors believe a Stylus Pen will accompany the foldable smartphone, and TechConfiguration concept video actually described it in quite detail (see video below).

The concept video displayed the Galaxy X with a sleek slim design, sporting an elegant premium leather protective cover, with an AMOLED – HDR 10 screen, when in the folded mode a 5- inch smartphone, when unfolded mode a 8 -inch tablet, and with the possibility of a laptop mode. Powered by an Exynos 9810 processor, with 6GB of RAM, and a 7500mAh battery, sporting a 3.5mm audio jack port, USB type – C, and stereo speakers., with concealed hinge design. Click below to enjoy the music and the first video displaying the Galaxy X.

The Galaxy X could also have a 8mp f/1.9 wide angle secondary camera with Retina scanner. The main camera could have 12mp f/1.5 OIS, PDAF, 4K video recording, with rear fingerprint scanner. As talk and rumors surface, stay tuned for updates regarding the upcoming foldable Galaxy X.

Photo Credit:Phonearena,com

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