Scorn Is Now Part Of Kowloon Nights Funding Project

It looks like Ebb Software’s Scorn will have help from Kowloon Nights. It’s unclear what will happen in the future, but the adventure-horror game will have additional funding and support from here on out by a mix of “business professionals” and “seasoned studio heads.”

Ebb Software announced on August 10th that the first part of Scorn would no longer release in October of 2018. Instead, it will release as a complete game (which means no part 1 or 2) sometime in 2019 for PC via Steam and GOG. If the game does well, a PS4 and Xbox One version will be considered.

As of now, it looks like Ebb Software has partnered up with Kowloon Nights to help iron out the development of Scorn as mentioned below:

In total, Kowloon Nights has signed ten projects a budget between $500,000 and $5 million. The team claims that they are “hands off” and leave creative and business decisions to developers. Kowloon Nights also claims that devs keep their IP and sequel rights while helping devs leverage their expertise and partnerships in “China, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia.”

With that said, if you want to see the Kowloon Nights team, you can head on over to The given website should outline what to expect from this group and their goals.

Moreover, it’s unclear at this point if IGN’s Humble Bundle is still helping with Scorn or if that deal is over, but I do hope that Ebb Software can deliver its Kickstarter backers the game they funded while being able to complete Scorn without any more delays or the original vision changing.

Lastly, the devs still want a DRM free version of Scorn, but we’ll likely hear more on that as development nears completion. You can either hit up to learn more about this game or watch gameplay footage right here:


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