Siegecraft Commander Preps To Bring RTS Gameplay To Nintendo Switch Sept 19th
Siegecraft Commander

Blowfish Studios announced that the action-strategy game Siegcraft Commander will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch starting next week on September 19th. The game features the ability to construct defensive structures while attempting to battle against enemies in single-player or multiplayer bouts.

Much like other standard RTS titles, your goal will be to build up and strengthen your fortifications against assailants while expanding your battlements and raising a powerful enough army to overtake your foes.

The game features two full single-player campaign modes that span eight levels each. You can either play as the Band of Knights or as the Lizardmen. The game also features two-player split-screen local multiplayer or online cross-platform multiplayer for up to four players spanning Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PC.

you can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

So as you can see, one of the hooks for the game is that when you destroy a wall or a fortification of the enemy, it can completely destroy everything attached to the wall. This ties into the game’s ability to allow players to create fortifications through firing off salvos of building material. Everything along the firing line becomes a fortification, while the main building itself is erected where you fired the salvo.

What happens is that you end up having this battle where players who have really long stretching fortifications have a greater advantage of enacting a diktat on their foes through sheer real estate dominance. Alternatively, covering larger amounts of territory using long-reaching structures also leaves you vulnerable to taking tactical strikes that can very easily cripple your defenses and leave you open to an invasion.

Blowfish Studios also noted that gamers will also be able to choose between two different modes of play, including TBS (turn-based strategy) and RTS (real-time strategy) to suit your playing style.

You can look for Siegecraft Commander to launch on the Nintendo Switch starting September 19th for $19.99 over on the Nintendo eShop. The game is already available right now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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