Soul Calibur VI Modes And Character Creation Races Highlighted In New Video

Bandai Namco held a special event for fans to come over and play the “final build” of Soul Calibur VI. YouTuber Hayate EIN was allowed to play the final version of the game and highlights different modes like Soul Chronicles, Libra of Souls and more. Soul Calibur VI will debut on October 19th, 2018, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Firstly, YouTuber Hayate EIN got to try Soul Chronicles, Libra of Souls and the Battle mode. Although he had a limited time while recording them, he believes that Soul Calibur VI is more promising than Soul Calibur V and IV. You can watch his exclusive preview here:

Secondly, we get to see all the character types in the creation mode. You can change race, gender, body type, weapons and more. All of these things can be changed later (or at any time).

The first templates you can choose from consist of (going left top to right bottom) the following along with their respective bios:

  • Human – “History chooses people to become warriors, and warriors to become heroes.” Humans are warriors guided by fate… or those that carve their own destiny. Teetering atop the scales of good and evil, their souls burn with potential.
  • Outcast – A forgotten people who have lived deep in the mountains of Europe since the dawn of time. Said to be descendants of those cursed by gods, they are part beast and possess acute senses. Because of their fearsome forms, they often face persecution in the outside world.
  • Lost Soul (Winged) – Residents of the Astral Chaos, these lost souls have large wings, which they use to soar through the pandemonium of their plane with divine grace. Though they dwell in the heart of chaos, they seek order and mercilessly attack all those corrupted by darkness.
  • Lizardman – These human/reptiles hybrids are created by the sinister cult, Fygul Cestemus. Their strength, agility, and skill with weaponry make them dangerous foes. The stronger the warrior they were created from, the stronger they are. Some even boast high intelligence.
  • Mummy – Bodies mummified during a holy ceremony and brought to life by astral fissures — though nobody knows what sort of souls fills their otherwise empty husks. The bandages swathing them are cursed and absorb energy from their surroundings.
  • Automaton – Steel cyborgs created by the hands of the malevolent cult Fygul Cestemus. Their human appearance may fool some, but their bodies are as cold as the dead. A cursed liquid flows through them, giving them the ability to fight on even the most treacherous of plains.
  • ShapeShifter – Strange beasts known as Doppelgängers that are able to change their shape at will. Those who happen to come across one meet terrible fates, giving the creatures a reputation as harbingers of death. While they are mentioned in stories across the globe, their nature remains a mystery.
  • Colossus – The colossi are sculptures granted life by Hephaestus. Guardians of holy places, they are always ready to bring the iron hammer of justice down on all who dare rebel against the gods. Crafted from the earth, they are extremely heavy and tough.
  • Malfested (Fully Transformed) – The malevolent energies swirling in these once-human vessels have long since taken control of their mindless hosts, twisting them into avatars of pure evil. Extremely rare and extremely powerful, if one is set loose upon the world, untold thousands will surely die.
  • Malfested (Mutated) – The Malfested are so consumed by evil that they have begun mutating into hellish monstrosities. Though some retain their sanity, most become mindless beasts that exist only to slaughter and destroy. As their corruption progresses, ominous, glowing marks form on their body.
  • Malfested – Malfested may appear normal at a glance, but the sickly pallor of their skin and their glowing red eyes mark them as ones driven mad by Soul Edge. By giving in to the evil within them, a Malfested can push its body to the limit, gaining superhuman strength and speed.
  • Revenant – Living corpses animated by malevolent energies. Some shamble to their feet because of Soul Edge: others, a dark curse. Some are even born from the earth’s energy. Regardless of their origin, there is only one way to stop them: cut them off from their power source.
  • Darksider – A clan who has lived in the twilight for centuries. Rulers of the night said to be at one with darkness, they reside in the mountains at earth’s depths. Their eerie, glowing eyes twist the minds of those who behold them, and some say it is they, not humans, who stand atop the food chain.
  • Lost Soul (Horned) – Residents of the Astral Chaos, these winged lost souls look uncannily like demons and even the bravest of warriors quail in fear at the sight of them. Many are highly intelligent and sadistic, and loathe those with goodness in their hearts.
  • Malefic – The Astral Chaos’ twisted miasma corrupted these primeval warriors, transforming them into soulless monsters whose ferocity and immense strength make them terrifying foes. Their past selves have been erased, and now they live for only one purpose: to fight.
  • Hidden Villager Clan – Dwelling in the heart of the forest, this long-lived tribe reveres wisdom and tranquility. Though they sometimes appear in legend, they despise conflict and thus choose to avoid contact with the outside world. However, there are a few exceptions…

Soul Calibur VI will release for PC and home consoles on October 19th, 2018.


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