Square Enix Reveals Left Alive Protagonists And Artwork

Square Enix has released both in-game screenshots and artwork of Left Alive characters, which includes protagonists Mikhail Alexandrovich Shuvalov, Olga Sergevna Kalinina, and Leonid Fedorovich Osterman. The survival action game will release in Japan for PS4 on February 28th, 2019, and in the West for PC via Steam and PS4 sometime in 2019.

Fans of Yoji Shinkawa, who is most famous for his character designs found in the Metal Gear Solid series, will be able to see his work once again. From left to right, playable characters Mikhail Alexandrovich Shuvalov, Olga Sergevna Kalinina, and Leonid Fedorovich Osterman can be seen below.

Players will be able to assume the three characters (as seen above), where these soldiers must endure a conflict around the latter part of the year 2127. The fight between the Garmoniya Republic and the Ruthenia Republic sees the border city Novo Slava as a hot spot — a place where the game will explore.

After the Ruthenia Army’s defense force was hit by a surprise attack, the battle seemed to end quickly. However, the adjacent battle for those left behind (or alive) in the aftermath of the war kicks-off.

For starters, Mikhail Alexandrovich Shuvalov is a Wanzer pilot for the Ruthenia Army’s Second Mobile Platoon. Although inexperienced, his basic abilities as a pilot are praised. However, he stands out as a problem child.

According to Mikhail backstory, he was defending the streets of Novo Slava and barely escaped his Wanzer after taking heavy damage from the Garmoniya Army. He found himself isolated without any ally forces nearby, which is where players will assume his journey to uncover what happens next.

Olga Sergevna Kalinina is an officer of the Novo Slava police. Although she was once a Wanzer pilot for the Garmoniya Army, she was involved in the Novo Slava liberation movement and left after losing her only daughter.

Although Olga is pursuing the human trafficking incidents occurring in Novo Slava, she is now caught in the middle of the conflict raging in the city.

Leonid Fedorovich Osterman is a leading member of the Novo Slava liberation movement group. Once a mercenary, Leonid was hired by the group as a bodyguard. As he continued to work for them, he later accepted their ideas and became a core member.

Leonid was captured after his leader was killed and was imprisoned. When the battle breaks out in the city of Novo Slava, he escapes his cell. Although he knows nothing about the details of the crime he was framed and imprisoned for, Leonid knows he must survive the conflict and aftermath.

Lastly, Square Enix notes that Left Alive is a game in which tactics are important. Inheriting the strategic nature of the Front Mission series, it’s important to choose the best route to avoid enemies while uncovering the full story behind the war through the eyes of the three characters.

Left Alive, as noted above, will release in Japan for PS4 on February 28th, 2019, and in the West for PC via Steam and PS4 in 2019.


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