Star Control: Origins Original Soundtrack Will Be Available September 20th
Star Control Origins

Stardock Entertainment announced that composers Mason Fisher and Riku Nuottajarvi were tapped to put together the original soundtrack for Star Control: Origins. The soundtrack will be available starting September 20th alongside the launch of the game.

The news about the soundtrack availability was published over on the Stardock website. As noted in the post, the two composers are no strangers to gaming and have more than 40 compositions between the two of them spanning games such as Age of Wonders, Eye of the Beholder III and Star Control II to name a few.

There are also two sample tracks made available for listening, including the track “Cold as Ice”, which you can listen to below.

Instead of being some mellowed out psy-ambient track, where the melody is buried beneath a lot of electronic noise, the track actually progresses and has a tapestry of space sounds that help compliment the bright and energetic nature of discovery and exploration in Star Control: Origins.

This kind of energy is also present in the track “A Higher Power”, which combines rhythmic percussion with a range of synth and sinewave ambiance that are complimented with a reserved use of deep bass and synthetic instrumentals.

According to the post, gamers will be able top pick up the soundtrack from iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play starting at $9.99 on September 20th.

This news also accompanies some new information about the actual gameplay of Star Control: Origins, where an impromptu Q&A took place between Stardock’s CEO Brad Wardell and YouTuber The Triple S League.

Wardell explained that while the game has a focused story mode in the campaign, there are multiple pathways you can take to reach new sectors, explore new planets, and interact with NPCs, thus stating that he game’s story is not on rails like most other AAA titles.

Players can also freely affiliate or make enemies out of different factions depending on their own affinity for certain kind of faction propensities.

You can learn more about Star Control: Origins by visiting the Steam store page.


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