Star Control: Origins Action-RPG Now Available For $39.99
Star Control origins

Stardock Entertainment announced that Star Control: Origins is currently available right now for PC over on the Steam store, Stardock’s digital store, and as a DRM-free download on You can pick up a digital copy of the sprawling  for only $39.99.

The game features a massive universe to explore, with near countless planets to visit, endless amounts of resources to gather, and lots of varied alien creatures to meet.

The game combines some slight sandbox elements that you might find in a grand strategy game, but minus all the diplomacy and civilization building and more of a focus on the actual role-playing and planet crawling, as well as content themed around upgrading your ship to map uncharted sectors in space. That’s not to mention that you can engage in intimate space combat against bandits, pirates, scavengers and other hostiles.

You can get an idea of what the general scope of the game is about with the launch trailer below.

Even though the game lets you journey to the far reaches of the known universe, there’s still a structured story that you can follow and unravel as you scan planets, terraform the surface, craft new equipment, and make use of the modular ship components.

If you were a fan of games like FTL letting you build out nearly every sector of your ship and acquire new parts and compartments to turn your vessel into a high-speed cargo freighter or a heavily armored star fighter, then you’ll probably enjoy the ship customizer featured in Stardock’s title.

There’s a lot to Star Control: Origins especially if you make use the Adventure Studio, where you can basically mod in and customize all new content for the game, from new spaceships to new planets, and even all new mission scripts.

You can learn more about Star Control: Origins by visiting the official website or you can pick up a digital copy from participating digital retailers.

Oh yeah, and Hollywood actor Adam Baldwin has a small role in the game and it caused SJW game journalists to freak out because they live life one sociopolitical controversy at a time, and they couldn’t wrap their minds around the idea of a Conservative voicing a character in a video game so they screeched and howled all afternoon long on social media where most normal people ignored them and went about their day. I just thought you should know that.


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