Star Control: Origins Trailer Outlines Massive Galaxy Exploration, Planetary Travel
Star Control Origins

Stardock Entertainment recently released a new trailer for Star Control: Origins coming out of the PAX West weekend. The new trailer covers the game’s living universe and the various options that players will be able to employ as they trek across a vast galaxy filled with different alien lifeforms and exotic planets.

The trailer is a two minute look at the massive scope of Star Control: Origins. According to the description rolled out by the narrator, it’s 130 x 130 light years in size. This means that if you took all of the butthurt from SJWs over the fact that Conservative Adam Baldwin is voicing one of the characters in the game, divided it by the amount of triggering from the DOOM: Eternal “Mortally challenged” joke, and then multiplied that by the amount of salt generated from when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, you would roughly get enough “rheeeing” to stretch across the entire map of Star Control: Origins, with a few “rheees” to spare.

You can check out the trailer below to get the scoop on all the gameplay functions for Star Control: Origins.

As mentioned in the video, there are thousands of planets to explore, each with their own characteristics, species, and attributes.

Much like No Man’s Sky you can venture down to the surface of any planet using your lander. It’s pretty neat because it’s like a mini-game where you scour the planet for resources and collect what you need in order to upgrade your ship and improve its capacity, hull, crew quarters, weapons, and shields.

It takes a little bit of Star Trek, with a little bit of Zone66, and a little bit of Starbound, and it mixes it all together into a galactic 3D smoothie.

The game features space battles, a choice-driven dialogue system, a fully fleshed out narrative, and lots of organic and dynamic AI systems to keep players on their toes.

You can look for Star Control: Origins to launch on PC starting September 20th. You can learn more by visiting the game’s official website.


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