Star Wars Battlefront 2 Modder Banned Permanently Due To Weapon Model Change

A one-man modder by the name of Rollokster created a very detailed Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod of Commander Cody and later found that he was banned permanently by EA and DICE’s anti-cheat system Fairfight.

To put things into perspective here, EA and DICE have been churning out some lack-luster Clone skins that haven’t received all that much praise, especially among lore-heavy fans (DICE skins as seen below).

Combating this very situation comes the work of lone modder Rollokster. He designed special UI, sounds, model-files, voice-lines, skins and other cosmetic assets that would not trigger EA and DICE’s Fairfight anti-cheat system through project Commander Cody. The beautiful hand-crafted mod that looks professionally done received a lot of praise, which the fan-made trailer can be seen right here:

After putting DICE developers to shame with his Commander Cody skin, the lone modder paid an unfortunate price due to the above mod, though.

The problem that would unfold after the well-crafted mod released for public consumption would see Rollokster ban from playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 forever:

After reading over EA and DICE Fairfight rules and knowing that replacing weapon skins/models is an okay thing to do in multiplayer, it seems that an unusual clause slipped in and rear-ended the lone modder:

One would think that Rollokster did more than that, but no, all he did was replace the model and sounds that would not alter any gameplay mechanics:

This isn’t the first time Fairfight banned people permanently in odd cases. Records can be pulled up during the Battlefield 4 days that publication site reported on, and the early days of Battlefield 1 when the system was acting quite strange:

Well, the permanent ban that hit the lone modder like a baseball bat did not sit nor bode well with various people around the web. The largest and sometimes referred to as the official Star Wars Battlefront sub-Reddit, r/StarWarsBattlefront, took up for Rollokster and feel that EA and DICE system is messed up.

The post on the sub-Reddit with over 5,000 people in support of Rollokster also made its way over to avid Star Wars Battlefront 2 fan Battlefront Knight, who made a video on the mod and even highlighted a user who pointed out what the system did to Rollokster.

To sum up the above, a modder manages to do a far better job than EA and DICE and receives a lot of attention. He manages to get the mod out but since he changed the model and sound of one Hero’s weapon in a closed test, he was permanently banned by a shoddy anti-cheat system. Just to let you know, Rollokster is still banned as of this writing.

With all of that said, if EA and DICE continue to use Fairfight will it impact pre-order sales and overall shipment of Battlefield V even more? Because at this rate, there are people being hit by it that aren’t cheating and people that are cheating that the system can’t even detect as noted on