The End Of The Sun, Slavic Mystery-Adventure Game Set To Launch Late 2019
The End of the Sun

An indie Polish team is currently working on a first-person mystery-adventure called The End of the Sun. They have been gathering information and historical data about Euro-Slavs for the non-linear, mythology-based, time-traveling adventure. The upcoming game is based on ethnographic photogrammetry captured from real life objects and buildings based on the European Slavonic culture.

In addition to dealing with the everyday ins and outs of living life steeped in Slavic rites, beliefs and legends, according to the Steam store page. One day some strange events take place and the people of the village begin dealing with an occurrence that blurs the line between their reality and their mythology, forcing players to have to investigate the mystery.

Players embody a Volhv who can travel through time and has deep knowledge about the outer-realm. After arriving in an empty village, players must investigate what happened to the villagers and why the village is abandoned.

An early prototype video of the Unity 3D-powered adventure game was posted up over on YouTube to give you an idea of what the visuals and gameplay might be like.

As depicted in the trailer, the game will have more than just standard exploration and first-person rummaging, which is a standard staple in many first-person adventure games.

The core of the game will be based around Slavic mythology and legends, and due to this it will have events that will take place across four major Slavic festivals that occur once in each season. So in order to capture this element of the culture the developers have the game take place across all four seasons, so the game world will change with each season, giving gamers a look at the environments during spring, summer, fall, and winter.

The game will also sport dynamic weather conditions that change throughout the game, which can also be affected by your own time-traveling, which can create butterfly effects on the outcome of the story.

There will be puzzles and riddles to solve as well, along with a lot of history and information about various aspects of Slavonic culture during that time period.

You can learn more about The End of the Sun by visiting the official website.


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