The Farm 51 Showcases World War 3’s Rosomak Armored Personnel Carrier

World War 3 is shaping up to release this fall on PC via Steam Early Access, in the meantime, the devs are looking to sate fans of the first-person online shooter with info on vehicle customization. One of the highlights this time around happens to be the Rosomak armored personnel carrier.

The interesting part about the Rosomak highlight is that it offers up info on customization so that fans no longer have to rely on the AMA, tweets or pick apart screenshots that may or may not be official in the end about tanks.

According to The Farm 51, World War 3 will offer “dozens” of ways to personalize your tanks and “vehicles.” Additionally, you can change your tank’s turrets, armor(s), and its remote-controlled weapon stations (an activation protection method).

We also learn that each of the above things will have an impact on how your vehicle behaves on the battlefield, which translates to how hard it hits (other tanks and infantry), your vehicle speed, defense capabilities and the amount of damage it can take in a conflict— including tank on tank damage and infantry rockets/fire.

The new video shows a list of different chassis, wheels, turrets and other little details (like decals) on the Rosomak, as seen below.

Surely, the state of World War 3 Early Access launch will tell gamers a lot regarding The Farm 51’s business practices, update policy, bug fixes and so on. However, the Early Access build won’t arrive until this fall.

The devs also said World War 3′s price point sits somewhere between $24.99 through $39.99. But will have to wait until the game’s launch to see where its price stands.

World War 3 will drop this fall for PC and might hit consoles if the game does well. You can keep up with this title and the devs by paying, Facebook, Twitter, or its Steam page a visit.


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