The Slater, Hitman-Style Stealth Game Launches September 20th
The Slater

The first-person action-stealth game from Finnish development studio Laina Interactive, called The Slater, is due for release later this month on September 20th for $14.99. The budget-priced action title is a throwback to games like The Getaway, Velvet Assassin, Death to Spies, or the original Hitman series.

WorthPlaying did a brief write-up on the game’s release date being hammered into place by the developer, as well as posting up a new gameplay trailer showcasing the different ways in which gamers can tackle missions.

The story centers around an ex-cop named Mark Slater whose father gets murdered while he was checking into the spread of a new drug called D-Pain.

Slater has to slip into the seedy underbelly of the city to track down and assassinate the people responsible for his father’s death. This includes making his way through six distinct non-linear levels that feature multiple choices in how you complete the objectives, as well as stealth-oriented gameplay that allows you to put on disguises, carry and hide bodies, create distractions, or shoot the crap out of anyone who gets in your way. You can see how some of the gameplay mechanics can be utilized with the trailer below.

So first off, the maps look strikingly similar to the sandbox-style layout of IO Interactive’s Hitman games.

The next most obvious thing is that there are some hot strippers in a strip club featured in the trailer oh-so-briefly. This is indicative that Laina Interactive are not converged to the Leftist orthodoxy of Cultural Marxism. So you can wipe the sweat off your foreheads in that regard.

Another highlight is that the main protagonist is not a diversity quota stand-in. It’s an actual protagonist: he’s not an otherkin, or a non-binary, or a transracial unicorn tumblretta.

It’s almost shocking that it’s a real protagonist in a real game.

As you can see, you can travel through the environments, set traps, rig explosives, distract enemies, or just clobber them over the head and shoot them in the face.

It seems like Laina is focusing on making an engaging, fun game first and foremost. Whether or not it turns out as a quality title is a whole other story. And if I’m being completely honest, there are a few presentation-related drawbacks to The Slater, such as the stiff character walking animations, and the low FOV. Those aren’t game-breaking features, and hopefully the FOV will be adjustable.

You can look for The Slater to launch on Steam for PC starting September 20th for $14.99. For more info feel free to visit the official Laina Interactive website.


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