Them And Us Early Access Build Will Be Available This Week

Remember on September 1st when Tendo Games announced that Them and Us would be delayed to March 29th, 2019? Well, accompanying that news will be a new PC Early Access build this week.

You do know what this means, right? This news means that you can play an early build via Steam sometime either on September 7th or on September 8th. I say this due to the Steam page for Them and Us and the update page showing the latter and former Early Access release dates.

While we wait to see if the 7th or 8th is the correct date, Them and Us is set during the year 1978 where a lone bus crashes out in an old dirt road of the vast American wilderness. The survivor name Alicia is injured and must react quickly to a deadly nightmare.

If that sounds like a fun scenario to explore, the devs outlined some of the things to expect come the release of Them and Us Early Access build:

“Them & Us is going to be available as an Early Access release on September 8, 2018, you can now send your feedback and work with us to achieve a polished and immersive game experience.”

The devs also touch on the game’s current build status and what contemplating participants can expect before playing the game to offer feedback:

“For the current progress status of the game, please check the Early Access description on the front page, we want you to understand the current status of the game before getting involved. Thank you!”

And lastly, the devs detail controller support when the Early Access build hits the Steam client this week:

“Unfortunately we cannot set the game as a full controller support since for “one time only” an Epic Games EULA message appears on launch that can only be bypass by mouse and keyboard. The game works perfectly 100% with a controller from start to exit.”

In the meantime, you can make up your mind by looking at the demo that went live weeks back thanks to YouTuber CJUGames:


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