Them And Us, Resident Evil-Like Game Now Available On Steam Early Access

The developers behind the Resident Evil-like game Them and Us, TendoGames, have released the Early Access build so that gamers can play and help shape the game for the better moving forward. The PC Early Access build runs for $15.99 but has a 10 percent discount dropping its price down to $14.39 on Steam.

Firstly, if you don’t want to drop $14 or $16 bucks on the horror-survival game, you can try out a free demo by paying Them and Us Steam page a visit and clicking on the “Free Demo | Download” button.

The actual paid version found on the same Steam page as the free demo is said to be not much different than said demo. In other words, a few tweaks and changes are made, but nothing significant.

I bet you are wondering why the devs are doing this, right? Well, the reason for the demo and Early Access build being up for gamers to try lies below:

“We have strong passion to create an old survival horror video game with beautiful graphic and immersive story. Retro style horror game that people used to love when they were young but nowadays is hard to find since game companies don’t focus on this idea anymore.


I think that the community is part of the team already. We are opened to great and interesting ideas, regarding gameplay or story passages or what works and what not. Therefore we are planning to involve the community a great deal for our project while in this stage of development.”

Following up on the above notice, you can test the game and send your suggestions and feedbacks while TendoGames develops Them and Us. I’m not sure how the devs implement feedback into their current pipeline and development plans, but you can try to reach them by hitting up their Twitter, Facebook, and Community Hub portals.

Lastly, you can make up your mind by taking a look at the demo thanks to YouTuber CJUGames:

Them and Us Early Access build is out now for $15.99 and has a 10 percent discount going ($14.39) on Steam Early Access.


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