THQ Nordic Acquires Kingdoms Of Amalur IP And Other 38 Studios Assets

THQ Nordic is looking to pick up games that were once special to gamers, even if those titles were underperforming at the time. The publisher plans to bring them to life with other games that they also develop and publish. One of the many games acquired by THQ Nordic is 38 Studios’ Kingdoms of Amalur and the company’s other assets.

If you don’t know, Kingdoms of Amalur came out in early 2012 (February 7th to be exact) and is an action role-playing video game for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The game was developed by Big Huge Games and 38 Studios and published by Electronic Arts.

Fast-forward to September 2018, and THQ Nordic has acquired the IP and is living up to their investor relation page that details what the company is all about:

“THQ Nordic acquires, develops and publishes PC and console games for the global games market. The core business model consists of acquiring established but currently underperforming franchises and
successively refining them.”

The above information regarding the acquisition of Kingdoms of Amalur intellectual property and other 38 Studios’ assets (which includes the abandoned MMORPG project “Copernicus”) was disclosed on THQ Nordic’s Twitter:

In the investor relation page that notes the core business model consists of acquiring established but currently underperforming franchises and “successively refining” them, hopefully, this means that we see better versions of said IPs in today’s games market.

The last IPs THQ Nordic acquired a month ago (August 2018) was the Timesplitters franchise and Second Sight from developers Free Radical Design. It’ll be interesting to see what THQ Nordic will do with these IPs and if they’ll have other dev teams to come in and help bring these now dead titles to life.

Anyway, you can check out actual gameplay footage via an overview video by YouTube channel GameNewsOfficial, if you don’t know what the game looked/played like:


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