Twin Mirror Dev Diary Unravels The Game’s Noir-Thriller Setting

Twin Mirror

Bandai Namco released a new developer diary for Dontnod Entertainment’s upcoming Twin Peaks-inspired mystery-horror game, Twin Mirror.

The two and a half minute diary covers the motivations of the main character, Samuel Higgs, who returns to his sleepy hometown of Basswood, West Virginia after his best friend turns up dead.

Higgs isn’t liked much by the residents, and Dontnod wanted to show a lot of different cultural variances in how the town is dealing (and reeling) from certain events, ranging from sociopolitical changes to economic hardships. You can check out the developer diary below.

Players are thrust into a thrilling tale that unfolds around Higgs after he wakes up in a hotel room with a bloody shirt. He doesn’t know what’s going on or why and players have to navigate through the noir-mystery while dealing with the past and present vices of Basswood.

Much like Life Is Strange, the game will combine environmental exploration with a lot of NPC interaction.

It’s hard to get a good gauge on the whole scope of Twin Mirror and what the overall gameplay mechanics and loop will be like, but that’s all probably going to get explored in future videos.

I do hope that there’s more to the game than just walking and talking, and that it doesn’t fall into the trap of becoming an exercise in hebetude. It happens to some games that just kind of lethargically go through the rote point-and-click motions and leaves gamers with nothing memorable from the experience.

I’m also kind of shocked that the main character is a straight, white male. In today’s entertainment industry it has become verboten to actually cater to your main demographic, as many studios seem to have a fetish for going broke.

Anyway, you can look for Twin Mirror to launch next year for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can stay tuned in for further developments by visiting the official website.

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