Unknown Fate To Release On PC Via Steam On September 6th, 2018

One of the latest games to release in the coming days happens to be that of 1C Company and Marslit Games’ Unknown Fate. Taking some cues from A Story About My Uncle and mixing those gameplay elements in with a dark sci-fi puzzle experience, Unknown Fate opts to tell an enigmatic tale through a “mind-twisting” narrative.

If you’re looking for an upcoming game to play that explores puzzle solving and strange entities that tell a “surreal” story, you might be in for a surprise in the next few days. Recently announced to drop on September 6th, this year, on Steam (not Early Access) comes the work of 1C Company and Marslit Games latest action-adventure Unknown Fate.

Something worth noting is that Unknown Fate is an indie title. In other words, it may not have the quality that other games sport and may not receive proper optimization or bug fixes post-launch. However, we’ll know how the devs function pipeline-wise and how they treat potential customers next week when the game launches for PC.

In the meantime, you can read up on what Unknown Fate has to offer and see how the game looks/functions below:

“Unknown Fate is an enigmatic story-driven action adventure set in a surreal world full of mind-twisting puzzles and bizarre creatures.”

As for the story, players assume the role of Richard. The game is said to be heavily story-driven and rocks a first-person camera setup. Additionally, there will be enemies that will try to stop you in the surreal realm. I’m sure puzzle solving and the main story will take precedence over fighting entities, but we’ll see how things play out in the coming days.

If you happen to be interested in this game or wish to learn more, you can keep up with Unknown Fate by paying its Steam page a visit.


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