Witch Thief Hopes To Bring Over-The-Shoulder Bullet-Hell Action To PS4, Nintendo Switch
Witch Thief

Most bullet-hell shooters are overhead in nature – oftentimes they’re vertical scrollers much like the arcade cabinet games they were based upon back in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s. Bullet-hell arcade shooters aren’t anywhere near as popular as they used to be, but some developers are looking to revive the genre by adding some new twists and flavors to the sub-genre by implementing anodyne features that will lure in newcomers and hardcore gamers alike.

In this case, developer Cardboard Keep seems to be trying the over-the-shoulder approach with the upcoming arcade shooter Witch Thief, which is set to launch on September 21st on Steam later this month.

According to a post over on the Steam community thread the developers reveal that after a year and a half of development, the only thing left to do is put together a roadmap for post-launch content, which includes an eventual release on the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

According to the developers…

“I can tell you I intend to port it over to the Nintendo Switch and the Playstation 4, that will pose its own challenges but will also cause a lot of fixes and bugs to be resolved which will be reflected in the PC version as well”

You can see what the developers have so far with the launch trailer for Witch Thief, which you can watch below.

The game features a smarmy thief named Charlotte who happens to be a witch, attempting to steal as much magic as she possibly can from her foes. You’ll have to duck and doge magic attacks while defeating enemies, taking down bosses, and unlocking three additional playable characters, each with their own spells and challenges. Additionally, new story details open up as you play the new characters, diving further into the fictional fantasy world that Cardboard Keep has created.

The game is also designed for those with disabilities, so key rebinding is available, along with a font option for dyslexic gamers, and difficulty modes that span the gamut for all player types.

You can look for Witch Thief to drop on Steam next week starting September 21st. After the game launches and the roadmap is made available, be on the look out for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions.

For more info feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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