Wolfpack Aims To Bring Realistic U-Boat Action To PC Via Steam

Wolfpack is said to be a “realistic U-boat” simulator that’s currently under development by dev team Skvader Studios. At launch, the game will be played over the internet via Steam with other players in a manual scrap for victory.

First and foremost, Wolfpack in its current state graphically isn’t a pretty game, but the technical level behind the small team’s work is pretty impressive given that the boat they have on hand is an actual working boat that operates through manual work.

We can see in the following trailer how each lever, valve and other interior work can be interactive with inside the U-boat:

The game’s focus according to the devs is on co-operative multiplayer. Wolfpack will allow four players to man a station on the U-boat. The players will need to work together in order to control the ship and succeed in any given mission.

The players can move around freely inside the submarine (as seen above) and can access the bridge and forward deck. Furthermore, there are four roles — each with his own duties — to assume: Captain, Chief Engineer, Radio/Sonar operator, and Navigator.

If all of that sounds like something you can get behind, you can check out the latest trailer that was released today showing a compilation of interior, deck, and ship on ship gameplay. The video comes in courtesy of Wolfpack Team.

I’m not sure how well the co-operative aspect will play out, but I do find it interesting that you can run around a ship and actually operate it manually against AI units. Given that this game is still in development, hopefully, the devs can iron out any bugs and have a functional and fun game to release to gamers whenever it’s due out.

In the meantime, you can either hit up wolfpackgame.com or play a demo of the game by paying wolfpackgame.com/downloads a visit while we wait for its Steam page to go up.


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