Xbox Games With Gold For September Fail Hard And Gamers Hate The Lineup

Xbox Games With Gold

If you want some lame games to play for free throughout September look no further than Microsoft’s Xbox Live Games With Gold offerings for September, 2018. The four games that were revealed for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consists of old and busted up games that most people probably don’t care about.

If you thought the PlayStation Plus offerings have been terrible lately, the Games With Gold is now in the running for worst selection of free monthly games. Over on the Major Nelson website the four games were revealed, which includes: Prison Architect, which will be free between September 1st and September 30th for the Xbox One. Livelock, a top-down co-op shooter that will be free between September 16th and October 15th. LEGO Star Wars III, which will be available between September 1st and September 15th for the Xbox 360, and Sega Vintage: Monster World, which will be available between September 16th and September 30th for the Xbox 360.

Even with the promise of backwards compatibility, a large majority of Xbox owners were not having any of it, and they made it known over on the YouTube page.

Now, games like Prison Architect aren’t bad, but most gamers are expecting something a little more meatier with the monthly subscription fees. So obviously they were hoping for an AAA title, or something iconic, or something hardcore, instead of two indie games for the Xbox One and two forgettable games for the Xbox 360.

The response to the terrible line-up was as expected. Gamers hopped into the comment section to drill another hole into Microsoft for the awful lineup.

Most Xbox owners know that the Games With Gold program is basically done for now that Microsoft is trying to ween people off of products and force them into subscription-based services.

Don’t expect the offerings to get any better as the company continues to heavily push for people to sign up with the Xbox Game Pass.

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