Zeus’ Battlegrounds, Melee-Based Battle Royale Game Announced For PC, PS4, Xbox One
Zeus Battlegrounds

A new Battle Royale game was announced, Zeus’ Battlegrounds. The free-to-play game is set to arrive on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Industry Games is currently working on the melee-focused title that sees more than 100 players diving into a large battleground to see who is strong enough to be the last great demigod standing.

According to Industry Games’ CEO, Warren Weems, the studio figured that since gamers love historical fantasy and Greek mythology, why not combine with the ever-popular Battle Royale genre? Weems mentioned in the press release…

“With the massive audience of gamers that are fans of mythology and fantasy, we know there’s interest in bringing the Battle Royale genre into a new realm. Zeus’ Battlegrounds lets you gear up and fight like a Demigod!”

Well, obviously talk is cheap and the real determiner as to whether a game is worth your time or not is with the gameplay. So you can check out the announcement trailer below.

So I have to say that the graphics are actually a lot better than I thought they would be. Also, the gameplay mechanics are different from what I was expecting. I thought this was going to be a cheap isometric hack-and-slash Battle Royale title, but it’s not. So props to them for that.

You can attack and defend using swords, shields, axes, maces, and daggers. And while the actual gameplay may be melee-focused, but you still get projectile weapons such as javelins, spears, axes, and bow and arrows.

The game also takes inspiration from Fortnite when it comes to using rooftops as sniping perches for taking out other players. I don’t know how you get up on the roofs, but maybe there are special powers that allow you to jump high?

Anyway, there are chariots and horses to utilize to get around the battlefield, and both first-person and third-person gameplay.

Now all truth be told, the game still looks really unpolished. The combat animations are stiff in their execution while the character movements are floaty. It creates that typical sliding-floor effect a lot of 3D games are known for.

On the upside, there’s still plenty of time for the developers to further refine the combat and make sure every strike looks snappy and dynamic, and the character movements smooth and responsive.

Of course, you’ll be able to play-test the game yourself by registering to partake in the beta test. The sign-ups are coming soon, but in the meantime you can view more of the info for Zeus’ Battlegrounds by visiting the official website.


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