Anthem’s Paris Games Week Video Showcases Uninspired And Boring Combat
Anthem Paris Games Week

During the Paris Games Week, BioWare unveiled 26 minutes of new gameplay footage for the upcoming third-person shooter, Anthem. The gameplay video walks us through one of the missions early in the game, and highlights the base camp, the weapons, the combat, and the map exploration.

YouTuber Daiki Style Gaming posted up the video from the livestream. We start with a look at the suit known as the Interceptor, which is sort of like the Warframes from Digital Extremes’ Warframe.

We follow a squad of four, and it starts with them hopping down off a platform and hunting some wildlife.

The area just outside the city hub is very similar to way the world map is setup in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

After the team takes a mission they head to an Arcanist camp to find Matthias Summer. The objective is to track down a signal, which requires moving through the world and moving through the giant bubbly checkpoints.

Mission-wise, the structure is setup very similar to the Destiny games.

The quartet of mechanized warriors land at a burning camp, and the developers reveal that it’s possible to move around the world without having to completely stay on track with the mission. They get sidetracked briefly to loot some gear.

Anthem - Gameplay

Combat really does seem very similar to Destiny with over-the-shoulder mechanics instead of being first-person. The four javelins work together to defeat some of the enemies. Much like Borderlands, enemies are bullet sponges instead of just capable of being picked off quickly.

If you’re hoping for something fast-paced and dynamic looking like in Waframe, don’t hold your breath. There are no fancy gun-moves, no dynamic melee combat, no cool ninja dodging; it’s all rather static and very mundane. In fact, there’s absolutely nothing new in Anthem that you haven’t seen before. The weapons don’t feel as weighty as Warframe, nor do look as unique.

There isn’t anything particularly interesting about the combat mechanics that we see on display. The special skills are utilized in ways that are identical to… Destiny. Even the emote system seems like it’s been borrowed from Destiny.

Now one of the cool aspects of the game is the travel mechanics. You can fly and hover with your javelin for a small amount of time just until it needs to cool down.

We also see a couple of the ultimates on display. When you build up enough of your gauge, you can activate your ultimate ability. There is one cool looking ultimate, which is from the Interceptor, where it moves around with dual blades and hacks and slashes enemies while darting from one enemy to the next. It’s probably the only time the game almost looked cool.

All in all, I have no idea who Anthem is being made for.


As a third-person shooter it’s no where near as good as Warframe when it comes to the combat or style, so there are almost no “Wow” moments.

The suits, known as Javelins, look a lot like the armor from Destiny, so much so that you would probably instantly think that you were watching Destiny 2 if you weren’t told that it was actually Anthem. And even though it boasts having an open-world, it’s a static world since it’s designed to be played online almost like an MMO.

It’s hard to understand the pitch for a game like Anthem if you’re already playing Warframe or you’ve already bought Destiny 2. What few cool elements the game has is absolutely not good enough to warrant a $60 entry price.

Nevertheless, you can look for Anthem to launch February 22nd, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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