Bethesda Claims Bringing “Life” To Fallout 76 Is “Up To You”

Bethesda has written up an essay about nothing in an attempt to convince fence-sitters that they can “shape Fallout 76” the way they want. The real reason behind the game shipping publicly is so that Bethesda Game Studios can laugh all the way to the bank thanks to the Creation Club while testing to see how gamers and fans feel about — which is a way to get away from Steam’s percentage cut — so that Fallout 76 can be an ongoing cash grab.

Nearly every major AAA games publisher and development studio is trying to jump on that lucrative MTX and GaaS train that will lead them to little effort put into a game for a large amount of income. Of course, you can’t do this without a brand name and an excuse, because who would buy “West Virginia Wasteland Hunters: Online” when you could be apart of the popular Fallout franchise via “Fallout 76,” which can be shaped and built by “YOU!”

If you don’t believe me, Bethesda has explained just that in a new letter featured on, which is titled: “A Note to Our Fans.”

The letter goes on to explain that Bethesda Game Studios has no clue “what, exactly, [Fallout 76] is,” and that it’s a game “that’s up to you” which is a lie. The company knows full well the game is copy/paste job of a gutted Fallout 4 that stands to be a live-service game to get away from Steam’s percentage deal.

Anyway, you can read the official post that Bethesda has up right here:

The letter continues:

I’m expecting large amounts of glitches and server issues when both the beta and official game launches this year, because, you know, it’s Bethesda. And sure, you don’t have to believe me. I think this video by YouTuber Aspernatio shows the finest of Bethesda’s work:


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