Bird Box Trailer Is An Apocalyptic Combination Of A Quiet Place Meets The Happening

Bird Box (2018)

The upcoming horror film from director Susanne Bier called Bird Box is due out in select theaters and on streaming services come December 21st. It’s an apocalyptic movie where the world’s population quickly gets wiped out as a force so devastating begins to manifest humanity’s worst fears, forcing people to commit suicide.

If you see it, you’re already dead.

The hook for the film is that the characters must avoid seeing whatever it is causing people to panic and murder themselves. So, quite naturally, the characters begin wearing blindfolds to avoid being affected by the mysterious entity.

The movie follows Sandra Bullock, as one of the few survivors who is trying to escape from the danger zones with her two kids. She encounters various other characters along the way, including a shotgun-wielding senior played by John Malkovich, but things don’t turn out so well for the traveling troupe.

The movie obviously draws a lot of inspiration from A Quiet Place, or they just so happened to be in development around the same time with very similar ideas.

In the case of Bird Box, however, we never see the monsters in the trailer, just hints at what they could be and how dangerous they are.

This is where the film seems to mimic M. Night’s The Happening, which was ridiculed for having pretty much the exact same plot as Bird Box, but without the added element of being able to escape the monsters by putting on blindfolds.

Of course, for a movie like Bird Box, a lot of the appeal of the movie will be based on how well the creature motivations or destruction is executed in the film, and whether or not it has a stupid or at least believable ending that respects the in-movie lore.

Unfortunately, the movie is already affected by Netflix’s diversity initiative, as is obvious from the casting. You can also tell that this is also another woman empowerment movie, so if you’ve already had your fill of those for the year, I don’t think you’ll be missing much if you decide to skip on this particular flick.

Still, the concept of the movie is intriguing and it appears to be filmed decently enough. I suppose if you find yourself looking for an intense horror-thriller on a lazy Saturday afternoon, you can check out the Bird Box if you’re willing to tolerate a Liberal film with a very clear Liberal agenda.

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