Control Dev Diary Reveals Cast Members James McCaffrey And Matthew Porretta
Control - James McCaffrey

Remedy Entertainment let loose another 10 minute video featuring new content and gameplay for the upcoming third-person supernatural shooter, Control. I don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with the name of the game given that searching it up on the web or trying to convey what the game is to people who aren’t familiar with it is difficult given how simplistic the name is. I know some marketer somewhere was quite proud of coming up with a two-syllable name for the game, but maybe The Oldest House would have worked a lot better given that it has such a daunting and mysterious vibe to it.

Anyway, the newest development diary focuses on the cast and characters, and some of the roles that they play in the game. You can check out the video below.

Surprisingly, the video reveals that the original voice of Max Payne, James McCaffrey, would take on the role of the old director at The Oldest House, Zachariah Trench.

For those of you not in the know, The Oldest House is a giant, closed off building for a secret organization that takes down supernatural threats. It’s a little bit like Remedy’s take on the Men in Black organization.

It’s explained that Trench used to be a “man of action” and was apparently the hero of the Oldest House back during its early years, but he later gets older and moves up the chain of command to become the director. However, things don’t work out so well under his command and eventually things get turned upside down within the brutalist structure.

Control - James McCaffrey

Players take on the role of Jessie, who gets forced into the position of becoming the new director of the Oldest House after certain events transpire involving an entity known as The Hiss.

It’s explained that Jessie as a character feels at “home” at the Oldest House because she’s had a history of paranormal encounters.

The developer diary also showcases a little bit of the costume and character designs, involving how the team is using photogrammetry not just for the character scans but also for the costume scans. So it really cuts down on the labor and manual work from the artists when they can just put the actors on various clothing attire and scan it in.

The video rounds out with the reveal that the voice of Alan Wake, Matthew Porretta, will also be part of the cast in the role of a researcher who plays a pivotal part in the events that unfold involving the Hiss.

Control is due out next year in early 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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