Crackdown 3 Reported To Appear At Mexico City X018 Event This November

You know the game that keeps facing delays that Microsoft happens to be over, no? Well, I can help you in that department by saying it’s Crackdown 3. The game in question is reported to be playable at the Mexico City XO18 event on November 10th-11th, 2018. As of now — although I wouldn’t hold my breath on it — Crackdown 3 is scheduled for a February 2019 release across the Xbox One family of consoles and PC.

Crackdown 3 has had more release dates that were rescheduled than actual in-gameplay footage shown. On a serious note, though, folks will finally be able to get their hands on Microsoft Studios action-adventure title come this early November.

Sure, the game won’t be present in North America, but folks who live in Central America (or the main spot itself, in this case, Mexico) will be able to play and watch copious amounts of in-game footage right then and there on either November 10th or the 11th.

I’m not sure if you will be able to capture any footage shown at the Mexico City XO18 event, but you can read over the official tweet announcing the whole thing right here thanks to Xbox México:

If the above news doesn’t sate eager fans looking to jump into the world of Crackdown 3, do know a new rumor has surfaced stating the development of Crackdown 3 is broken down into building “two completely unique experiences.” The rumor claims Sumo Digital is over the campaign (Single-player offline or online co-op up to four players), while Ruffian Games is over the Wrecking Zone multiplayer that features full-on destruction.

It’s best to take all of the aforesaid information (regarding the rumor) with a grain of salt. However, we’ll find out soon in the next couple of weeks or so when the Mexico City XO18 event brings Crackdown 3 to attendees for a limited time.

As noted above, Crackdown 3 is scheduled for a February 2019 release for Xbox One and PC.

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