Ewin Knight Series Gaming Chairs Set To Release Ahead Of Black Friday

Ewin Knight Series Gaming Chair

EwinRacing announced that the Knight Series of gaming chairs is set to release over the course of the next two weeks, arriving just in time for Black Friday. Pre-orders have currently gone live for the chair, where it’s discounted for those who order early.

Over on the Ewin website there’s a landing page where the chair is discounted by 17% off so you can get it for only $209 instead of $239. There’s also a special $20 bonus for anyone who registers for the first time and orders any of Ewin’s products that’s worth $99 or more. So technically you could end up getting the Knight Series chair for $189 instead of $239.

The chair has 2D adjustable armrests where you can raise or lower them to fit your arm position using vertical sliders. There’s also both a height and recliner option, enabling you to raise or lower the height of the seat. You can use the back recliner option via a lever to recline the chair backward by up to 155 degrees.

The lever is located on the side of the chair along with a tilt and lock control mechanism, so as you lean back you can adjust how far back you lean and to what degree, as well as change the tension of the lean so that you can use the 120mm class-4 gas lift piston to specify the level of stability that the chair can offer.

Beyond the mechanics of the chair there’s also the aesthetics to consider, too. The Knight Series from Ewin is built on top of a steel chassis with a foam molding applied on top. There’s a PVC material surface for the seat cushion and back rests, along with two pillows at the base of the lower back and one at the upper headrest.

The Ewin Knight Series gaming chair is due out at the end of October, and there’s an additional Halloween countdown discount that can be applied to the chair as well that will knock off an additional 20%. You can learn more about the Ewin Knight Series ergonomic gaming chair by checking out the official EwinRacing website.