Fallout 76 Will Not Hit Steam To Provide Customers “The Best Experience Possible”

I’m pretty sure you know that Bethesda Game Studios kicked up quite a bit of controversy with Fallout 76, right? One of the many hot topics that made headlines was the online game being restricted to bethesda.net, meaning there will be no Steam version come November 14th. Well, Pete Hines explains in a new interview that a Steam version wouldn’t provide “the best experience possible” compared to the company’s own service.

That’s correct, in a recent interview, Hines has it that bethesda.net will grant participants an experience that will cut out a third party body (which in this case would be Steam) for a “better experience.”

Most gamers already see through the reasoning behind the upcoming November-due game having its own launcher, but according to publication site Wccftech we learn from Hines that:

“It’s an online, always-on game, and is a service. That was also based on our experiences with other online games as well. We felt that having a direct relationship with our customers was super important to us. And so doing it through Bethesda.net exclusively allows us to have that one-to-one relationship with customers, that quite honestly you don’t always have when you go through another third party where they might own the relationship with the customer in terms of being able to email them or to reach out directly and contact them.”

The excuses continue with Hines stating:

“So it simplifies things a little and we believe it’s going to help us deal with some issues and challenges that we’ve seen in the past. And again, it’s a new experience, like the game itself is and we’re going to see how it goes and how it works and what benefits it allows us to have in making sure that our customers have the best experience possible.”

The second week of November will tell outsiders looking in all they need to know when the upcoming installment becomes available across PC via bethesda.net and home consoles (PS4 and Xbox One), which, let’s be honest here, the game will hold its fair share of bugs and glaring issues that will be “resolved” through Bethesda’s promising “one-to-one relationship.”


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