Infliction, Indie-Horror Game Takes Players On A Terror-Filled Psychological Journey
Infliction Game

Caustic Reality’s Unreal Engine 4-powered psychological horror game, Infliction, recently launched for PC. The game attempts to dive into the horror sub-genre that games like Layers of Fear and the P.T. Demo popularized by focusing on photorealistic environments while examining the areas for clues, solving puzzles, and generally walking around to avoid being killed by the malevolent spirits lurking about.

Gamers have been looking forward to the release of Infliction, and so now it’s currently available for $19.99. During the first week of being on sale you can get it for 10% off for only $17.99 on the Steam store.

The title puts you in the role of a member of a once happy family that has been torn asunder by some tragic events. You’ll need to piece together what happened by reading letters, journals, and scraping through corners and crevices to recover voicemails and other family heirlooms to finally discover what actually happened.

Much like Silent Hill, as you progress through the game you move from the photorealistic suburban home to the surrealistic nightmare realm where a restless ghost attempts to get physically violent with you.

The deeper you journey into the story, the more twisted the home becomes, just until it’s a shell of what was once a welcoming and safe abode.

Surprisingly enough, to be a game made by a team of Australians it features a few naughty Easter eggs that’s sure to delight some gamers.

I imagine if you enjoy the more slower paced games based around the methodical procedure of picking up and examining things – much like a walking simulator – but with a few extra added puzzles and some horror elements where you have to escape from ghosts, then you might be interested in Infliction.

Also, I wouldn’t be shocked if the game ended up on the Xbox One and PS4 at some point in 2019. According to a recent announcement about the game’s availability, the developers did mention that console plans are on the table, so expect another announcement about that soon.


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