Maximum Overdrive, Classic Action-Horror Flick Drives Onto Steam
Maximum Overdrive

LionsGate has been releasing some of their properties on Valve’s digital distribution in recent times. It started with a few action flicks and horror films, but it’s been elevating to more obscure titles from the back catalog of classic flicks, like the action-horror film from 1986, Maximum Overdrive.

The movie is currently available to purchase right now over on the Steam store $10.99. During the first week of availability it’s discounted by 40% off, so you can get it for just $6.59.

Alternatively, you can rent the movie for $3.99 for 48-hours. Rentals are also discounted during the first week by 40% off, so it’s available for just $2.39.

Maximum Overdrive Steam

The movie itself is a cult classic from Stephen King. It’s about a cataclysmic event that causes all the machines to turn into autonomous killing devices, led by a big ‘ole semi with a green goblin face on it.

The movie centers around the goblin truck holding a group of people hostage at a gas station, where it forces them to keep the other killer vehicles fueled up. For the people who don’t abide by the machines’ rules, they get killed.

The lead hero of the flick is Emilio Estevez, attempting to work with the remaining survivors in order to defeat the trucks and make a daring escape.

Maximum Overdrive is a cool movie built on top of a cheesy concept that just works. There’s plenty of action, gore, and violence sprinkled throughout with a climatic and explosive showdown to round out the movie.

It’s an entertaining action-horror flick for people who like silly movies that don’t take themselves too seriously, and it’s one of the cornerstone films of the 1980s that helped define the era.

The Steam version of the film supports 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound at a 2:35:1 aspect ratio with a 1920 x 816 resolution. You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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