Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix, Tactical-JRPG Launches In November For Nintendo Switch
Mercenaries Wings

Circle Entertainment announced that RideonJapan’s Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix will launch on the Nintendo eShop starting at some point in November. The game is a follow-up to the release of Mercenaries Saga Chronicles for the Nintendo Switch, which launched earlier in 2018 for the North American market.

The original game plopped out on the Switch featuring Final Fantasy: Tactics-style tactical turn-based combat. The isometric, hand-drawn series featured the original Mercenaries Saga trilogy, where players would take control of the different charatcers and attempt to wear down the enemy forces using a variety of unit types, each with their own special skillsets and abilities.

If you forgot what the Mercenaries Saga games looked like, the original launch trailer for the series can be viewed below.

This is basically the kind of game series that was popular way back in the day during the 16-bit era when games like Bahamut Lagoon and Tactics Ogre were all the rage within the tactical turn-based RPG sub-genre.

For gamers who can’t get enough of the classical isometric-style gameplay, Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix will attempt to bring more of that gameplay to the forefront of the Nintendo Switch offerings this fall.

Unlike the previous entry that came out in the early first half of 2018, Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix will introduce gamers to a brand new story within the series, where it originates around a wholly original tale separate from the other three games.

The press release for Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix doesn’t dive into too many details about the story, other than mentioning that it’s about betrayal, war, and the quest for powerful magic. The developers have plans on delving deep into the nuts and bolts of the narrative of ahead of the game’s release at a later date.

For now you’ll just have to sit tight knowing that a new Mercenaries games is in the works for Nintendo’s hybrid console.


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