Monster Party Trailer Takes A Little Bit From The Purge And A Little Bit From The Belko Experiment
Monster Party

People trapped in a building/office/home/warehouse/city with a bunch of psychos/addicts/murderers/freaks is an easy go-to formula for horror movies these days. Ever since the low-budget horror-thriller, The Purge, popped onto the scene back in 2013 there have been a number of copycats, spin-offs, and other similar concepts played out on the big and small screen alike. One of the upcoming films that attempts to put its own spin on the horror genre is Chris Von Hoffman’s Monster Party.

The film is about a group of kids who sneak into a mansion to steal the money out of the safe while the guests are having a party downstairs. The guests all have some sort of crippling, pathological vice, but little do the teens know that some of those vices include bloody violence.

Things turn sour for the quartet of quintessential teenagers once they find themselves in a seemingly inescapable quagmire.

After the black kid gets offed by the psychopathic guests, it’s up to the rest of the teens to fend themselves off from the chainsaw-wielding, bat-swinging, hatchet-holding party guests.

The movie seems to borrow elements both from The Purge and the quickly-paced black-comedy thriller, The Belko Experiment, and it features enough well known actors to lure in a few stragglers. Robin Tunney, Lance Reddick, Brandon Michael Hall, and Bill Engvall are a few of the notable names on the casting list.

The trailer does a fine job of building up the suspense of what kind of bloody carnage you can expect to take place, but it’s hard to tell if the movie will follow-through and will be as entertaining as the trailer makes it out to be.

Some trailers portray films with the kind of verve and energy that would make them well worth watching, only to find out that they’re not so great. There’s a lot of high-energy and slick editing featured in the trailer for Monster Party, so one might assume this will translate over into the actual runtime of the film… or at least, one can hope.

You can look for the film Monster Party to release this year.


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