Project Warlock, Hardcore Retro-FPS Now Available On For $12
Project Warlock

GamingCompany and Buckshot Software’s Project Warlock is currently available right now over on for $12.00 even. The DRM-free release of the retro-themed, hardcore, first-person shooter attempts to rekindle the classic age of testosterone-driven first-person shooters, where blood, guts, and gore were the driving factors and stages weren’t designed to be linear theme parks where gamers are stripped of nearly all their agency.

Blues spotted the game over on the store page, where it’s noted that there’s a lot of similarities between Project Warlock and classic 1990s first-person shooters such as Rise of the Triad, Hexen and the original Heretic.

The game is about a guy battling through 60 levels to destroy a bunch of demons and unlock new spells in order to take down fearsome bosses. You can get a look at the gameplay with the trailer below.

I have to say that this game looks pretty badass. A nice, edgy protagonist that seems straight out of /v/, a bunch of Gothic looking environments, and 38 different weapons to utilize across a bunch of levels just waiting to become blood-soaked seems like a great time for FPS fans to be alive.

As a bonus, you also gain access to the game’s soundtrack when you purchase it from, so you can rock out to the theme song while you fold the laundry, or dust the cabinets, or clean out the cat’s litter box.

Now I know some people are leery about supporting after the company kowtowed and apologized multiple times to Social Justice Warriors, but Buckshot is completely removed from all of that drama. The game seems to celebrate the true nature of a masculine hero and his gory journey into cleansing the Earth of all those foul-skinned demons.

If you’re in the mood for picking up a hardcore, retro-tastic first-person shooter, you can do so right now by grabbing a DRM-free copy of Project Warlock from over on the store page. And no, the game isn’t available on Steam or other digital distribution services at the moment.


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