Star Control: Origins Free Multiverse DLC Adds Mod Sharing Support
Star Control Origins

Stardock Entertainment’s Star Control: Origins was updated with a free piece of DLC that enables the ability to create and share mods within the Steam community. This means you’ll be able to access a smorgasbord of community created mods that have been developed from within the Adventure Studio. You can create your very own mods from within the Adventure Studio by following the modders guide made available over on the Star Control Wiki.

The new content arrives with update 1.1, which enables players to open up the editor and build out ship content and new buildings. The entire interface is designed to make it convenient for gamers to expand the existing content in the game to include all new ways to play through the space-oriented action-RPG.

Stardock rolled out a new trailer for the 1.1 update covering what new content you’ll have at your disposal.

As noted in the trailer, in addition to the new mod implementation support through the Adventure Mode and Steam integration for Workshop content, the update also includes improvements and performance optimization for the game, along with new alien races to fill out the sectors.

New aliens in the sector aren’t just added in there just to be there. Stardock also added new weapons for the alien enemies, so you’ll have to exercise a few new tactics when engaging with unknowns in areas you may not be familiar with.

The lander controls and physics have also been updated, with the lander having more weight and dynamic mechanisms being applied so that the lander feels weighty when traversing the planets.

On the graphics side, the game has also received some updates to the shaders so that not only does the game look better it also runs better than before.

You can grab a digital copy of Star Control: Origins right now with the 1.1 update and the free Multiverse DLC that comes with the Adventure Mode content and the Steam community improvements.

For more info you can check out the official website.


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