The Black Masses Gameplay Video Previews 6,000 On-Screen Zombies
The Black Masses

The upcoming cooperative multiplayer game, The Black Masses, is running on some very advanced tech, featuring global illumination, physically based rendering, and  refractive and reflection lighting that’s almost on par to path tracing. The engine also supports volumetric lighting with god-rays and HDR rendering.

A near eight minute walkthrough video gives you a rundown of the tech utilized to bring The Black Masses to life. The highlight of the game, however, is the 6,000 zombies that the engine is capable to render seamlessly within a fully playable runtime environment.

The first three minutes of the video just covers the game’s awesome under-the-hood tech. But right after that we get into the meat of the game.

Brilliant Game Studios walks gamers through the basics of the combat, revealing that it contains some basic directional slashing and blocking, much like other games in the genre such as Mount & Blade.

The combat is still in the alpha phase, along with the multiplayer, so it’s no where near as seamless as a finished game. The blood and gore looks good, though. Weapon impacts look as if they’re moving through some kind of viscous material as opposed to making impact with rigid bodies, so the hits don’t look quite as impactful as they could. Hopefully this is one of the things that the developers iron out during the development of the combat within The Black Masses.

The object of the demo is to get through the streets and into the tower with the other knights while avoiding dying to the horde of 6,000 zombies.

There are a couple of different enemy types, including a heavily armored knight who can tank quite a few direct hits before going down.

The duo attempt to avoid the horde of zombies by using the parkour to leap across the rooftops and get to the other side.

Once inside a small room, they showcase one of the game’s many skills that players can level up, which includes setting zombies on fire, lunging into the crowd and taking down a countless number of them.

The game definitely has a lot of potential, and you can follow the development of The Black Masses by visiting the Facebook page. Obviously this is a game far too big for home consoles, but it’s definitely set to come out for PC.


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