VenusBlood Frontier English Localization Kickstarter Nears Goal

VenusBlood Frontier Kickstarter

[Update: It looks like a few hours after the article was published the Kickstarter managed to pass its goal. Congrats to Ninetail]

With less than a week to go and just $3,000 from their goal, Ninetail’s localization project to get an English version of the SRPG visual novel VenusBlood Frontier into the hands of Western gamers is right there on the cusp of completion. There’s a short walk off the plank to finishing up the crowdfunding efforts for the game, assuming they can hit the goal within the next six days.

As of the writing of this article the Kickstarter sits at $145,028 of a total $148,512 goal.

Members of the visual novel community have been beckoning fans to support the project since it initially hit Kickstarter back in late September, around the exact same time that One Angry Gamer got hacked and DDOS’d and brought down for nearly a month.

Over on Sanahtlig’s Corner he goes through a list of reasons as to why the Kickstarter is worth supporting, and how it could help bring more H-RPGs over to the West and encourage the proliferation of the Japanese H-scene to move further Westward.

You can check out the pitch video for the localization efforts below.

Players assume the role of Loki, as he attempts to take control of Yggdrasil using whatever means possible in order to become stronger than and subjugate the demon heirs and goddesses to his will.

The game combines traditional SRPG mechanics with eroge content, giving gamers a healthy mixture of the two types of themes bundled into one package. So you can use one hand on the mouse and the other hand on the joystick, both of which will provide you intense moments of satisfaction… thanks to the strategy-endowed gameplay designed to be quite pleasurable.

If you wanted to see a proper English localization made of the H-RPG, you can contribute to the cause to see the project finalized over on the Kickstarter page.

Keep in mind that the localization will be for the all-ages version, and once it’s complete they will release the patch for the H-version of the game, this way they don’t get booted off of Kickstarter.

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