World War 3 Is Now Available On Steam Early Access

If you want to put your wonders to rest regarding The Farm 51’s World War 3 and if you should drop $27.99 on it, well you finally have a plethora of videos to watch, and player made write-ups to read due to the indie game now being available to pick up for PC via Steam Early Access.

World War 3 has been referred to as the poor man’s Battlefield 3 and 4 or at times the “Battlefield V killer,” although the latter doesn’t seem all that hard to achieve given EA and DICE track record.

Anyway, the game may not feature destructible environments like Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but the devs claim there are things to destroy around the environment in a “balanced way.”

If that sounds boring or like fun, you can assume the role of a soldier in the near future who can take control of various tanks, accrue battle points to call in different drones and bombers, and outfit your weapons, appearance, and vehicles to your taste with an interactive customization system.

With all of that said, you can check out the latest Early Access release trailer depicting some of the stuff you can do in World War 3 below:

As for YouTubers and player made write-ups on the FPS game, many people have mixed opinions on World War 3 calling it “overhyped,” “a game with a lot of potentials,” “a title with too many server issues,” “frequent frame drops,” and “a good game with a good foundation.” Overall, it sounds like time and developer dedication could help this game in the long run.

If you are on the fence regarding this game, you should definitely read up on it and watch extensive gameplay footage before putting down cold hard cash on it. As for those wanting to buy it right now, do keep in mind that World War 3 is in Early Access and may not leave in a year or so before it becomes complete — as noted on its Steam Early Access page.

As of this writing, World War 3 has a Steam rating of “Mixed.” You can learn more about this game by hitting up or

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