99Vidas: Definitive Edition Now Available On Nintendo Switch For $9.99

Brazilian game studio Qubyte Interactive announced that the definitive edition of 99Vidas is currently available for the Nintendo Switch right now. The multiplayer side-scrolling beat-’em-up is a throwback to classic hand-animated beat-’em-up games like River City Ransom and Streets of Rage.

So what’s so special about 99Vidas: Definitive Edition? Well, it comes with all of the base content that was originally available in the PC and PS4 versions, but now it comes with a completely revamped Arcade Mode that is now twice as long as the original campaign mode but this time it has no talking or dialogue sequences.

There’s also the addition of the new Remix Mode, which allows you to play through the game using a random remixer that changes the order of stages you play through and the enemies you face off against in each stage. And speaking of enemies, there are brand new enemies that have been added to the game to give it some pizzazz and a feeling of freshness.

You can check out the gameplay with the trailer below.

As mentioned in the trailer, 99Vidas sports four-player cooperative play both for local and online multiplayer.

The game also comes with multiple view modes, including an old CRT TV mode, a classic portable mode that mimics the Game Boy screen, a comic book filter that turns the game black and white, and a few other hidden goodies for gamers to discover. It sports 11 playable characters, a Story Mode, a Versus Mode, a Survival Mode, upgradeable skills and combos, along with multiple endings to unlock.

99Vidas was initially reviewed here at One Angry Gamer when it first came out for PC. However, the game was not very well received due to stiff controls, poor combat mechanics, and overall boring gameplay.

Hopefully Qubyte Interactive made the proper updates to the game to improve the overall playability, because the sprite-work is fantastic and the animations are great. It’s rare we get classically designed beat-’em-up games like this and so it would be a shame if they didn’t optimize the game to the strengths of the Switch and ensure that the game plays well, plays fast, and plays responsive.

99Vidas is currently available for just $9.99 over on the Nintendo eShop.


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