BattleBeasts, Sci-Fi Action Game Sees Animals Battling For Survival

Create your anthropomorphic animal hero (or prisoner), equip them with a big gun, take hold of a hover bike, and journey through a futuristic, sci-fi world of no-holds-barred survival against other players in One2’s BattleBeasts.

The game is a unique combination of different elements all squished together to create a brand new visual experience in the world of gaming that seems to take a little bit from Guardians of the Galaxy and a little bit from the upcoming the upcoming Biomutant.

The game centers around surviving in an abandoned space base out in the middle of no where. You’ll need to adapt to the surroundings by finding, scouting, and adapting new technology, while also upgrading and acquiring new weapons to fend yourself off against a number of other players and NPCs, such as foxes, raccoons, tigers, and pandas.

You can check out the teaser trailer below for the game to get an idea of what the gameplay is like and how the vehicles handle in the sandbox environment.

Originally they had plans on entering into alpha testing today. They had announced at the end of October that the first major alpha test would begin on November 4th. However, the team ran into some serious bugs that they needed to fix before releasing the game to the public. So the alpha test was delayed to November 11th, 18:00 UTC +3.

If you want to partake in alpha test 3.0 for BattleBeasts you’ll need to register for an alpha key. You can attempt to reach out to the developers to acquire a key through the e-mail address provided in the alpha test launch thread.

I imagine for people who wanted a game like Biomutant but with MMO properties and cooperative elements, they might thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to play a game like BattleBeasts. That’s not to mention that I’m sure there are going to be dozens upon dozens of Rocket Raccoon clones running around in the game.

You can track the developmental progress for BattleBeasts by visiting the Steam store page.


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