Bethesda Releases Big Fallout 76 Patch, Major Bugs Still Exist

Just when you think Fallout 76 can’t be more of a meme than it already is, Bethesda Game Studios manages to exceed all low expectations and becomes the glitch that just keeps on glitching. According to a recent report, Bethesda Game Studios shipped out a PS4 and Xbox One patch for the game that stands over 47GB, which doesn’t fix any of the major glitches and bugs still plaguing the game.

To be fair, the PC patch is 1/4 the size of the console version and equates to 15GB in size. Still big for not doing much. Anyway, folks curious where this information comes from, website ( posted the above numbers for both PC and consoles.

The thing is, though, the explanation given by Bethesda on did not sit well with gamers and fans alike. Taking to the comment section of said update post, users like Kjbeals noted:

The carry weight/ storage limitations issue is way more important than all that bs. And also the fact that when you are in a building and you clear all enemies, as soon as another player comes in, all enemies insta respawn. Ive almost been killed multiple times by this and it gets frustrating.

Following up on unfinished business that this big update helped facilitate that squashed very little as of November 19th, 2018, user Mpgram expressed:

“Really? That’s it? 15GB and you fixed one quest and very little else? What are we supposed to do with the other bugged quests?


Why not expand this to a real list of changes so we can see what was really fixed / stealth patched?”

User Mpgram wasn’t the only one wondering this, however, Squizzlor agreed too and responded:

“Couldent agree more.. I see a single quest, and blueprint seperation…


Literaly the only important changes made… the rest is graphical, pvp (who the hell cares???) No ones even playing hunter/hunter, and key binds….


There are weapons that are broken. The damn Harpoon gun litteraly doesn’t do any damage!! Weapons are failing to do damage at point blank range such as the Gattling plasma gun!


There are daily quests that fail to be repeatable!? And this is it? We were told big patch right? Weren’t we, or was it just patch?”

Ibrapz95 also chimed in on the hot topic that is Fallout 76 and the problems that still crawl around the wasteland that is Bethesda Game Studios latest title:

“Since the BETA I have had an issue with the audio, while playing holotapes, radio signals or talking to robots there is not any sound not even speak options with robots or machines, its very frustrating playing like that. Also I would be very Happy of you increase the stash sotorage limit. Hope you can fix those problems.
Ps. I play the game on Ps4.”

Whether these named issues have been fixed right now or are on the fix list — or will never receive a patch — is unacceptable given that Fallout 76 is a $59.99 priced game that holds glitches from its 2015 counterpart Fallout 4. Anyway, this is Bethesda showing you its AAA side and how games can be paid for with a premium price tag whilst being developed out in the wild.


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