Captive State Second Teaser Trailer Reveals A Nation Subverted By Aliens
Captive State

The first teaser trailer for Captive State was an interesting look at a nation supposedly being held captive by some authoritarian force. We saw that John Goodman was the President of the United States and it appeared Vera Farmiga was his wife. The first trailer for the movie set the stage for some sort of invasion thriller with a mind-control sort of twist.

The second teaser focuses on one of the resistance members, a black boy from what appears to be the inner city. We see that there’s some sort of resistance force attempting to wake people up to the invasion, and people who resist the mind control are carted off some place. This seems to be a metaphorical parallel to what would happen if Democrats got their way and instituted the authoritarian control they seek so badly through the Church of Intersectionality.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

Participant Media and Focus Features seem to want to paint this as more of a subversive invasion film rather than one based on war and destruction.

They don’t reveal if the invaders are extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional, but we do know that they certainly don’t look like us and they’re as dark as a moon-less night sky.

There aren’t any action beats, so whatever the resistance is seems to be contained within spreading information and getting people to rebel through forfeiting the thought-control passed down by the state rather than outright rioting and shooting and killing. This is why it seems to parallel a lot of current day politics in how those on the Left continue to advocate for thought control, information control, and political control. It’s all about subverting expectations in order to keep the people “asleep”.

Some of the commenters have likened the film to John Carpenter’s They Live, while others noted that it was like Cloverfield meets The Purge.

It reminds me a lot of Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 and Rakka meets Equilibrium.

You can look for Captive State to head into theaters starting at some point in March of 2019.


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