Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Trailer Promotes The Power Of Globalization

Civilization VI Gathering Storm

Firaxis and 2K released the latest cinematic for the upcoming expansion pack for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. The new expansion is due to release on February 14th, 2019 next year.

The trailer for the new expansion was rolled out along with the release date, revealing near three minutes of cinematics with a very clear message: globalization.

It chronicles different eras in time where human civilization seemed like it was on the verge of achieving greatness, only for some great catastrophe to strike and everything to be wiped out and washed away. The central theme is that if humans come together they can overcome even the obstructions from nature.

The trailer highlights some of what you can expect from the expansion, including icy tundras and snow-canvassed landscapes, watery civilizations where towering waves are a destructive factor, and dealing with building out your civilization while the risk of a tropical storm looms overhead.

The theme of the expansion is based around natural disasters and heavy storms. A lot of gamers were excited about the expansion, but most completely overlooked the fact that the trailer was pretty much a huge promotional campaign for the Left’s “one nation” agenda; a mixing pot of one homogenous culture that basically has no culture.

This kind of agenda-pushing in Civilization VI is no surprise. The game came under fire for trying to push the feminist agenda through the female leaders, especially for the South Korean leaders. What ended up happening was that they ended up depicting a not-very-liked leader from Korean history and turning her into what looked like a fat black woman. Firaxis also managed to completely piss off the Cree Nation as well while attempting to push their agenda, causing more controversy instead of promoting diversity.

Nevertheless, you can look for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm to launch next year in February.

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