Crackdown 3 Trailer Continues To Promise February, 2019 Release

Crackdown 3

During this year’s X018 event in Mexico Microsoft released a brief minute long trailer for Crackdown 3 featuring actor and former football player Terry Crews. The trailer reiterates the February, 2019 release window that they put into place back during E3 this year.

The trailer is only a minute long and majority of it is Terry Crews interacting with himself as Commander Jaxon, the character he plays in Crackdown 3. Jaxon keeps telling Crews he needs to step it up and raise his game. The two Terrys end up trying to one-up each other until the real Terry Crews uses a fake cardboard cutout of himself to trick Jaxon and then the two start flexing, shouting, and laughing.

We finally get to see a brief look at Crackdown 3 in action for all but a few brief seconds.

The gameplay on display is so brief it’s almost not worth commenting on. We do, however, see that players do gain access to new armor for the agents, as Commander Jaxon is outfitted in white plate armor instead of the black kinetic suit we usually see the agents in.

We also get to see how players can pull off some cool acrobatic feats, such as running and jumping in one direction while instantly turning and firing in a separate direction. In the clip the floor beneath the enemy is eviscerated and falls to pieces, showcasing that the physics-based destruction is still a heavy element of the game, but whether or not it’s still based on interacting with the cloud remains to be seen.

Crackdown 3 was one of the early first-party exclusives that was announced for the Xbox One but was perpetually delayed after it became obvious that building a game around the cloud was not going to work due to infrastructure and a host of other logistical problems.

Based on the minor gameplay clip featured in the trailer above, it looked like the destruction mechanic came from the multiplayer portion of the game, so I’m not entirely sure where Crackdown 3 stands as far as a single-player narrative is concerned.

It amazes me that no one at Microsoft seems to understand that we play games to have fun and not to be lectured to by Social Justice Warriors about social justice. I can’t imagine why it would take so long to make a simple game about super-powered cops fighting super-criminals in a sandbox with destruction-based physics. How hard could that be?!

It’s essentially Garry’s Mod without all the glitches.

Anyway, I imagine Microsoft was probably trying to find some way to squeeze the proverbial SocJus messaging in the game somewhere after having to completely restructure the gameplay around non-cloud based mechanics. Based on what little was showcased back in 2017, no one had their hopes up due to how generic the gameplay was and how wonky the physics were. But we’ll see where they stand once February gets here.

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