Desert Child, Lo-Fi Chillstep Racer Launches Dec 11th For Switch, PS4, PC

Desert Child

Akupara Games announced that Desert Child has gone gold, meaning that development on the game is complete and it’s scheduled to release on December 11th next month for thePS4, PC and on the Nintendo Switch as a digital download, along with a release on the Xbox One starting December 12th for $11.99.

The announcement came courtesy of a short launch date trailer from Akupara Games that showcases very small snippets of the game’s hand-animated visuals, some of the cinematics, and the fast-paced racing that players will encounter with the game.

You can check out the trailer below.

The game utilizes some roto-scope style animation combined with a rock-and-roll, hip-hop story about a racer who travels through the lo-fi sci-fi city while competing in fierce hoverbike races that can make you a star or put you six feet under.

Unlike other hipster pixel-art games with awfully fake 8-bit visuals (more like 4-bit visuals) Desert Child actually looks like a game that was made with an art-style designed to be appreciated by more than soy-latte connoisseurs and denizens of taste-forsaken city of San Francisco.

You’ll have to navigate a world with an aesthetic that seems to be what chillstep would look like if it were a graphical art-style, while competing in a variety of races in order to become a dominate hoverbike champion.

Former One Angry Gamer contributor Sean Braganza did a fantastic write-up on the game when it was first announced back in August, and it appears as if the game is now complete enough to warrant a release date and the supererogatory excitement that comes from the community of gamers interested in a side-scrolling racing game that seems to be one-part pod-racing from Star Wars: Episode I, one part Delphine’s Flashback, a good dose of the anime Redline, and a small splash of the film Neon City.

You can look for the game to launch on December 11th for home consoles and PC.