Devil May Cry Heads To Netflix So Hollywood Jabronis Don’t Screw It Up, Says Producer

Devil May Cry

Executive producer Adi Shankar will be evolving his bootleg multiverse, adding Capcom’s Devil May Cry to the line-up that also includes Konami’s Castlevania. Now keep in mind that these are two completely separate properties from two completely separate publishers, so how is Shankar going to bring them together into a single universe?

Shankar managed to acquire the rights to Capcom’s Devil May Cry and it will join Castlevania on Netflix. This was confirmed with a tweet from Shankar.

IGN managed to talk to Shankar briefly about the project in a pretentiously funny/cringe-worthy interview, where he told them…

“I acquired these (Devil May Cry) rights myself so the jabronis in Hollywood don’t f*** this one up too.”

There have been mixed reviews on Shankar’s second season of Castlevania from anti-SJWs. Some felt that there were pacing issues while others seemed to dislike the way Camilla was portrayed.

However, Shankar seems confident in his abilities to bring Devil May Cry to life on Netflix.

Some gamers have been worried about the franchise after Devil May Cry 5 was announced and it looked as if Capcom was messing up the beauty standards of Trish and Lady, who are now based on real-life models instead of relying on art-teams to craft the characters.

This is all part of Capcom’s process of changing the pipeline of development to rely on 3D scanning and photogrammetry instead of actually paying a bunch of artists to create lots of characters and assets from the ground-up. It saves them millions of dollars in development and manpower, but the results haven’t been as well received by fans given that characters like Chris Redfield came out looking kind of deflated and less muscular, while characters like Trish look kind of haggled.

Either way, you can look for Devil May Cry to come to Netflix at some point in the near future. Hopefully Shankar doesn’t let the fame get to his head the way it did with Tameem Antoniades from Ninja Theory, who attempted to portray Dante from Dmc: Devil May Cry with his likeness, which helped tank the game’s sales before it even launched.

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