Dragon Ball FighterZ November Update Includes 70 New Tournament Options
Dragon Ball FighterZ Update

The free November update for Dragon Ball FighterZ recently dropped, adding a litany of new modes and features to the game, including all new tournament rules, including a Yamcha Only Tournament, the King of the Kamehameha Tournament, and a Sharpened Senses Tournament where the health and Ki gauges are invisible.

Other mutators include Ultimate Battle, 1-on-1 rules, Gokou Black Only, Flashy Finish, and one in particular that will surely get the fanboys frothing at the mouth: The Tournament of Power.

There are 70 new tournament rules in total that have been added to the game, supporting both local play and online play for up to eight players. A new Z Trophy Room has been added to the game, so you can check out all the trophies you’ve won from winning various matches, and you can customize your room with avatars and BGM. You can check it out in the trailer below.

Arc System Works and Bandai Namco also have plans on adding in new Z Capsules for Christmas, this includes all new lobby avatars and character costumes.

Some new Christmas Stamps are also going to be added to the game, to help give you a little more festive cheer.

Obviously there are a lot more updates on the table because Bandai is cleaning up on the game since it launched early in the year. If you already own the Ultimate Edition of the game you gain access to the pass that gives you more characters and content, and you’ll be able to receive the new DLC once it becomes available.

The game recently launched for the Nintendo Switch, so Bandai Namco will be able to clean up well on those newbies, and the free November update is to get the long-time owners to come back to check out the new content and maybe stick around for the upcoming DLC.


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