Dual Gear Devs Are Currently Working On A Beta, Pre-Alpha Download Available

Dual Gear has been in development for some time, but it doesn’t mean that the devs, Orbital Speed Studio, have forgotten about eager fans looking to assume giant mecha. As of right now, the devs have a playable beta in their sights, which will likely drop sometime in 2019.

Although the mecha game, Dual Gear, has no official release date besides “Coming Soon” we can conclude that work on the game is still underway as we speak. The proof behind the aforesaid comes in by a recent tweet made by Orbital Speed Studio describing how the target right now is a Beta.

As stated above, the beta has no release date or release window. However, it’s safe to say that word on something should arrive during the mid to late part of 2019 — if current development stands as any indication.

The good news is that you can actually play a slice of Dual Gear right now. The mecha game in development has a pre-alpha build up that is available for PC players. And yes, although the game will make its debut across PC and home consoles, the former platform only has access to the live pre-alpha.

You can download the pre-alpha demo by following the given link to its Steam page and clicking on the “Download” button, which is right above the “coming soon” notice.

On a contrary note, if you feel like you need to see gameplay footage and videos of Dual Gear before downloading anything, two trailers from DUAL GEAR GAME sit below showing off various actions.

While we wait for the next update and beta to drop, I’m sure PC players will gain access to the early beta builds much like the pre-alpha version… that is when it drops. Anyway, you can keep up with all things Dual Gear by paying dualgeargame.com and its Indiegogo page a visit.


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