Edge Of Eternity, Kickstarted JRPG Enters Steam Early Access On Dec 5th
Edge of Eternity

Playdius Games announced that after years of development and building up a game based on Kickstarter funds, Midgar Studios’ Edge of Eternity will finally become playable via an Early Access release on Steam starting December 5th.

The news was accompanied by a brand new trailer that also revealed that the developers will be making a modkit available for Edge of Eternity during its Early Access launch as well.

You can check out the new trailer below.

The game seems to be coming along quite nicely. Visually it seems to have its own identity in a mosh-pit of me-too shooters and uninspired action-RPGs from larger studios who are more concerned with microtransactions and loot boxes than developing good games.

The game centers around the world of Heryon being put through its paces by a war that is ripping the land apart. This war is headed up by a mysterious invader with seemingly insurmountable powers. Players take on the role of Daryon and his companion Selene as they attempt to defeat the invader, put an end to the war, and find a cure for the corrosion that has set itself upon the land.

The combat in the gameplay is centered around active turns, not unlike Chrono Trigger. And speaking of Chrono Trigger, you may have noticed that the music really stands out, well that’s because iconic video game composer Yasunori Mitsuda is composing the soundtrack for the game.

After three full years of development you’ll finally see the game come to fruition in Early Access on Steam starting next month. There’s no estimate on how long it will stay in Early Access, but the developers plan on unleashing new story episodes almost like an anime episode at regular intervals. They plan to keep on releasing new content until the game is finally complete. The core game will contain around 20 hours of content, but they want to polish up some of the assets and the environment.

You can keep track of the development and announcements by visiting the Steam store page.

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