Elemental Knights R MMORPG Launches On Nintendo Switch
Elemental Knights R Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a whole lot of MMOs on the system, probably because once it’s undocked it loses a ton of its power. However, that doesn’t mean some developers aren’t trying their hand at porting over MMOs to the system in order to give home console and portable gamers something cutesy and moe to play.

Winlight Co., announced that the fully fledged, real-time 3D MMO can be acquired from over on the Nintendo eShop for $22.75.

The game features the ability to freely customize your character with a number of different outfits, not unlike Maple Story 2 or Portal Knights. The game also supports cross-region gameplay, so both Japanese and English gamers can play together on the same server, which is somewhat unique. Heck, maybe this is Winlight’s way of helping Westerners learn some Japanese so they can bypass all the politically motivated localization that takes place out of San Francisco?

Graphically the game looks about on par to what you would expect from an MMO that has to run with portability in mind on what amounts to a tablet with Nintendo controllers. This means that there’s no physically based rendering, no dynamic soft shadows, only the most basic of specular highlighting, and a lot of reliance on fancy texture work to make up for the lack of aesthetic when it comes to the shaders.

Regarding the practicality of gameplay, there are four different base character classes to choose from, including the typical fighter, cleric, wizard, and thief.

There are sub-classes that break down from the main classes after you reach level 10, enabling you to become one of the following:

– Guardian

– Magiknight

– Monk

– Assassin

– Bishop

– Warlock

Special class with the power of the dragon

– Dragon Buster

– Dragon Lancer

– Dragon Saber

What’s more is that after you reach another milestone in leveling you’ll be able to master your selected class and then transition into a legendary class.

The game boasts 10,000 different combinations of weapons, items, armor, and skills. You can grab a digital copy of Elemental Knight R right now for the Nintendo Switch.


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